New eBook by Andrew S. Gibson – Beyond Thirds

Craft And Vision has published a new e-book by Andrew S Gibson: Beyond Thirds: A Photographer’s Introduction to Creative Composition

Every photographer learns the Rule of Thirds early in their development.  This principle can help in the production of some great images but if this is the only principle of composition a photographer uses it can lead to formulaic images.   The purpose of Andrew’s e-book is to take you from the Rule of Thirds, through its original source, the Golden Section and Fibonacci spiral, to a better understanding of composition and the use of balance, order and energy within the image.  There is a wonderful snippet within the e-book on the source of the Rule of Thirds which I have never heard before.  I will not spoil it for you here but suffice it to say it should not be held in such high regard.

The e-book quickly moves on from the discussion of the Rule of thirds to what Andrew describes as an “Holistic Approach” to image capture where all the visual elements within the frame are considered together to create the final composition.  This includes not just each element but their placement within the frame and the resulting relationship between them.

One of the most interesting sections was the discussion on the different crop rations found in the standard 35mm image (used in most DSLRs), the newer 4:3 aspect ratio found in some DSLRs and the two ratios associated with medium and large format camera (5:4 and 7:6).  I confess to having problems with this area because a standard 8×10 print is based on a different aspect ratio than the full frame which Alamy requires for my stock images.

Other sections of the e-book include: Balance and Stability; The Dynamic Image; Simplicity; and Space.  There is also a discussion on the differences when composing images in Black & White versus color and how composing in Black & White can help no matter how the final image will be portrayed.

As expected from both Andrew and the Craft And Vision publishers, the photographs illustrating the discussion are of the highest quality.

Beyond Thirds: A Photographer’s Introduction to Creative Composition is available now and is highly recommended.  It is available for only $5 by clicking here.  If you use the promotional code BT4 when you checkout, the PDF version of Beyond Thirds is only $4 OR if you use the code BT20 to get 20% off when they buy 5+ PDF ebooks from the Craft & Vision collection.  These codes expire at 11:59pm PST November 19th, 2011.

Click here to visit Craft And Vision.

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  1. very interesting Mark I will bookmark that and check it out!

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