New eBook – Portraits of Earth by David duChemin

Today Craft & Vision has released the latest eBook by David duChemin, Portraits of Earth, an Introduction to Landscape Photography.  David is best known for his exceptional portraits as a humanitarian photographer.  As the introduction to this eBook says, David never intended to be a landscape photographer but as he explains throughout the eBook, many photographic skills apply to all genres and are not specific to any one.

He freely admits that landscape photography did not come easy to him.  However, he soon realized that no matter your discipline, photography boils down to a few fundamentals:  Composition is composition, and it does not matter if the subject is a bride, a whale or a stunning landscape; Gear has its place but is not the creator of great images, that is solely the role of the photographer; and great light cannot alone save a poor image but does have the ability to turn a good image into a great image.

Illustrated by photographs David has made since 2009, including all relevant EXIF data, this eBook explains how David’s skills as a portrait photographer were adapted and honed to become an exceptional landscape photographer.  These skills also include the post-processing in Photoshop and Lightroom necessary to get the most out of the initial capture.

David spends a few pages discussing the gear he uses with specific emphasis on the effects of different optics, the use of filters and the benefits of a tripod.  The majority of the eBook, though, is dedicated to light and the key compositional elements of great landscape photography.  Specific chapters are dedicated to each of Land, Water, Snow and Details.  Towards the end of the eBook David shows a clever trick in which he processed the same image in two different ways to provide a wonderful tonal contrast not by using hdr techniques but by using different color temperatures and then combined them by importing the two as separate layers in Photoshop.

The eBook at only $5 is a great read for any photographer, not just someone wishing to supplement their skills as a landscape photographer.  Also if you purchase Portraits of Earth in the next six days, you can use the promotional code EARTH4 when you checkout and it will cost just $4 OR if you use the code EARTH20 you can get a 20% discount on any 5+ eBooks from Craft & Vision.  These codes will expire at 11:59pm (PST) September 9, 2012.

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