About me

I have been supplying stock images firstly to LatitudeStock (formerly Travel-Ink) and then to Alamy for a number of years.  I like to photograph many different genres and produce different styles not all of which are suited to the stock libraries I contribute to.  This web-site is a showcase for some of my stock images but more importantly those which until now did not have a suitable outlet.

Photography for me is a hobby, albeit a very time consuming one.  Unfortunately, I have to work full time to feed this habit, which means I will only be able to post one or two images a week to my web-site.

Originally from just outside London, I moved to the Washington DC suburbs of Northern Virginia in November 1999.  Looking through my image files I realized that I had only really photographed Washington when I had visited as a tourist and that there are very few images captured since I have lived here.  This seems to be a habit of mine as London and the other places I have lived are not well represented either.  Over the couple of years this web-site has been running I have managed to change this.  I hope you enjoy seeing some  different views of what is must be one of the most photographed cities in the world.  Washington, though, is just one of many locations for the photographs I will continue to include on this web-site.


Mark Summerfield

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