Cox Farm Bridge

Cox Farm Bridge, Lippincott, Pennsylvania, USA

Cox Farm Bridge, Lippincott, Pennsylvania

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Cox Farm Bridge

Cox Farm bridge (also known as Lippincott bridge), is one of nine covered bridges in Greene County, Pennsylvania. Like most of the other covered bridges in the county, is located on a fairly heavily traveled township road in an open, rural area.  Located in Morgan Township in the North-east corner of the county, the bridge is one of the newer covered bridges in the state having been built in 1940.  It is of Kingpost design, 31 feet 10 inches in length and crosses Ruff Creek.  Although heavily reinforced with 5 steel I-beams, this bridge only carries a three-ton load limit.  The interior of the bridge, seen in the image above, clearly shows the diagonal timbers of the kingpost truss.

Cox Farm Bridge, Lippincott, Pennsylvania, USA

Cox Farm Bridge, Lippincott, Pennsylvania

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The covered bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places in June 1979 as part of the listing for all the covered bridges of Greene and nearby Washington Counties.  The listing, though, is under the name Lippincott Covered Bridge.

The most comprehensive guide for finding in this area is Pennsylvania’s Covered Bridges: A Complete Guide by Benjamin D. Evans.  It was published quite a few years ago now (but is still available on Amazon) but nothing else even comes close.

This will be the last of the covered bridge series for now, although do not be surprised if I raid my library and find a few more gems later in the year.


  1. nicely done Mark, these bridges are just excellent subjects!

  2. This is a cool looking bridge Mark. I looks to be a pretty short bridge. Really like the first image with the road acting as a leading line through to the other side.

  3. These bridges are quite unique aren’t they? Hope you find some more!

  4. Nice shots, Mark. I don’t find these old bridges in my area. I like the composition on the first one. Great job.

  5. What a stunning, stunning bridge wonderfully captured! Great set, my friend, I truly enjoyed it a lot!

  6. I really like the way these have been processed. A great series Mark on these covered bridges. Look forward to some more in the future.

  7. Man I love these covered bridges. I think I have only seen one in person when I was a kid! Nice work!

  8. Great shot Mark! I got shots of this bridge last fall on a Sunday out shooting with my son. Terrific work!

  9. My name is Roger Cox and I am the grandson of Frank Cox who owned this farm. I live in Arizona now and lived most of my adult life in Seattle so I haven’t been able to visit this farm and bridge very often. It is a true treasure for our children and their children.

    Roger Cox

    • Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment, Roger. Its connections such as yours that make maintaining this web-site so much more enjoyable. I hope you will be able to bring your children to see the bridge and the surrounding countryside and show them your little piece of history.


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