Rust Op Twist Plantation

Sugar Cane Windmill, Rust Op Twist Plantation, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Sugar Cane Windmill, Rust Op Twist Plantation, St. Croix

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Rust Op Twist Plantation

Having failed in my search for Eliza James-Mcbean, I decided to remain on St. Croix and see what I could find about Rust Op Twist Plantation.  This is located on the North Shore of the island and easily visible from the road.

The following (slightly amended) is from the North Shore St. Croix Association:

When the Danish purchased St. Croix in the 1700’s the island was divided into sugar cane plantations by estate names. These estate names are still used today, although most of the sugar plantations are only ruins.

Rust Op Twist (or Rest After Work) refers to Estate Rust Op Twist, which has one of the best preserved 17th century sugar plantations on the island. Pictured above is one of three historic sugar mills that remains standing. It’s location is about 300 feet from the shore of the Caribbean Sea. The plantation grounds property owner graciously allows visitors to wander the property and explore the ruins (click here to learn more about life on a Caribbean Sugar Plantation).

There is another little known mill still standing in Estate Rust Op Twist, which is unique to St. Croix, that functioned as a water mill. The water mill is located about 100 feet from the ocean in the mangrove thicket adjacent to Rust Op Twist Beach.

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Rust Op Twist Plantation
Rust Op Twist Plantation (or Rest After Work) has one of the best preserved 17th century sugar plantations on the island of St. Croix
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  1. Very well composed Mark. I really like the name of the plantation

  2. Excellent composition, Mark. Really nice work on this, man.

  3. Nice composition, Mark. And the high color contrast really enhances the details.

  4. Very nicely done mark. Excellent composition.

  5. Lovely image Mark. Loving the blue and green and agree with the other comments. Great composition. Well done.

  6. lovely shot Mark, great colors and comp too!

  7. What a lovely scene, Mark! Those ruins are amazing, I could spend an entire lifetime in them! I just love the palm tree in the foreground here that adds some context to the scene. Great shot!!

  8. Michael

    I heard this when I lived on STX: Rust op Twist was lost in a card game on the turn of one card… it was when the industry was in total decline, the mill was shutdown and so no big loss. The former owner then left the island… but pretty cool history if it’s true.

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