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Rusty Hurricane Lamp, Goldfield Ghost Town, Mammoth Mine Road, Goldfield, Arizona

Rusty Hurricane Lamp, Goldfield Ghost Town, Goldfield, Arizona

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HDR has become a very popular processing technique.  It brings life into shots which could otherwise be quite flat and boring.  As you will see from my gear list I use both Photomatix Pro and Nik HDR Efex Pro in my HDR processing.  However, this particular image has not been processed through either HDR package.  All the processing for this image was done in the Develop module of Lightroom and consisted of simply adjusting the exposure slightly, increasing the blacks and adding clarity and vibrance.  This to me brought out the textures in both the tree and the old lamp perfectly. Ghost Towns are always worth a visit even those that have become tourist sites like Goldfield Ghost Town in Arizona.  I was very fortunate in visiting when there were only a couple of other people on the site.  This allowed me free reign to try to capture both the buildings and views of Main Street as a ghost town without anyone in the picture.  Detail shots such as this one as always available if you do have problems with other people in your shot.

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