Two Frogs On A Bike

Two Frogs On A Bike Antiques, Hanover Courthouse Road, Hanover, Virginia

Two Frogs On A Bike Antiques, Hanover Courthouse Road, Hanover, Virginia

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Two Frogs On A Bike

Two Frogs On A Bike is an antiques store in Hanover, Virginia. It is housed in a clapboard country-store building dating back to 1954, although it appears to be much older. It is located at the northern end of the town on Virginia Route 2 and US Route 301, which have merged into a single road by here.

We were visiting the town to take a look at the Hanover County Courthouse, one of the oldest courthouses in America. Taking a walk around the area to find something to eat we came across this wonderful building which was just so full of character. Unfortunately, it was closed so I was limited to the outside only.

In researching some background information for this post it appears that the property is currently for sale. There was no indication this was the case when we visited a year ago in April 2015.

The weathered clapboard siding which had not seen a new coat of paint in many a year together with the overall rustic charm of the place cried out for a look to the image reflecting a bygone age. On1 Photo Effects 10 was used as the main post-processing software.

The image was actually processed three times in Effects 10. The first pass produced a soft, grainy version in full color. The second pass, which started with the same original, created a high contrast B&W version.

The B&W layer, being that it came from the same original Background layer in Photoshop needed to be moved above the soft/grainy layer. The opacity of the B&W layer was then lowered to bring back some of the color from the soft/grainy layer. A mask was also applied to ensure that the light blue Two Frogs On A Bike wording from the sign came through in full color.

A new layer was then created by using Stamp-visible (cmd-option-shift-E). This preserved all of the underlying layers whilst giving me a merged version to add the final effect. The new layer was then processed in Effects 10 to give it some additional texture as well as the framing.

Two Frogs On A Bike
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Two Frogs On A Bike
Two Frogs On A Bike is an antiques store in Hanover, VA. The clapboard country-store building dates back to 1954 but appears much older.
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Mark Summerfield
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  1. Sherry

    I Loved this place so much. I first visited back in the late 1998 when I was looking for a civil war trail to hike after visiting with my clients at DSCR. The owner always remembered me even though I only visited once or twice a year for the next 16 years. I was quite hungry and he said to me.. The very best crabcakes you will ever eat on the planet is right across the way over there… He pointed to Houndstooth Cafe. He was right. Every crabcake since (except when I go there) has been a disappointment- they were THAT good. I collected some really nice depression glass and serving pieces from Two Frogs on a Bike and cherish my memories there, across at Houndstooth cafe sitting on the porch eating the best crabcake of my life, having a glass of wine while watching a lightening storm… amazing times and memories. Thank you for posting this.

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