All Faith Episcopal Church, Charlotte Hall

All Faith Episcopal Church, Charlotte Hall, St. Mary's County, Maryland

All Faith Episcopal Church, Charlotte Hall, St. Mary’s County, Maryland

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All Faith Episcopal Church, Charlotte Hall

When the parish of All Faith was created in 1692, the Parish Church at Huntersville was already built and named “All Faith”.  According to a competent authority, the name “All Faith” was originally “Old Faith”.

Like many old churches, the original structure was built of logs.  It was located on the site of the present building and was erected prior to 1675.  The building was rebuilt in 1693 and finally replaced by the present colonial brick structure in 1767.

The present All Faith Episcopal Church, Charlotte Hall was renovated in the 1800’s, at which time stained glass windows, pews, and chancel furniture were gradually added.  Following Hurricane Hazel in 1954 came another round of renovations including the present Rose window above the alter (at the opposite end to the photo above).  Georgian architecture did not employ stained glass, yet a window capable of filtering the morning sunlight was necessary to replace the Victorian window over the alter.  The replacement window was therefore designed to recall Georgian decoration rather than Victorian or modern.  The barrel shaped ceiling, slave gallery, and old hand-wrought hardware give evidence of the age of All Faith Church.

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