Chicory (Cichorium intybus)

Chicory (Cichorium intybus), Augusta Co, VA

Chicory (Cichorium intybus)

Chicory (Cichorium intybus)

The Chicory (Cichorium intybus) is a member of the Asteracaea or Aster family.  It is a tap-rooted perennial which grows between 1- and 6-feet tall on woody stems with a milky sap.  The leaves are alternate, the lower ones being toothed or pinnately lobed from 3- to 10-inches long and 0.4- to 3-inches wide.  The upper leaves are much smaller.  The flowers, to 1.6-inches wide, are borne in the upper leaf axils and usually open only in the morning.  The flowers are pale blue (rarely white) usually in small clusters of between one and four somewhat widely spaced blooms.  It is found in disturbed areas, especially roadsides throughout the eastern US having been introduced from Europe in the late 19th century.  It flowers from June to October.  The root is used to flavor coffee in may countries. Its leaves are also sometimes used as salad greens.

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Chicory (Cichorium intybus)
The Chicory (Cichorium intybus) is a member of the Asteracaea or Aster family which grows between 1- and 6-feet with pale blue blooms
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Mark Summerfield
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  1. LOvely macro work Mark. I love the soft color and feel to it.

    • Nancy Pryor

      I have had chIcory coffee several times in Louisiana. I never knew til now that the flavoring came from such a soft, lovely flower. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice shot here, Mark. Awesome DoF. I always learn a little something from these posts on flowers.

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