Emerald City Guitars Shop Front

Emerald City Guitars, 83 S. Washington Street, Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington

Emerald City Guitars, 83 S. Washington Street, Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington

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Emerald City Guitars Shop Front

Just around the corner from Pioneer Square and the Pagoda that we visited in the last post is another famous Seattle landmark, especially if you are in to antique guitars.  Since Emerald City Guitars on South Washington Street was established in 1996 it has become a nationally acclaimed vintage guitar and amp shop that caters to major artists and high profile collectors from around the world.

I confess to have only learned about Emerald City Guitars once I returned from Seattle with this shot.  My attention was attracted to this amazing shop front with all its layers from the grill across the door hung with Christmas lights, to the decals in the windows and, of course, the neon signs.  Due to all of the traffic that uses S. Washington Street, I could not take my usual 5 shot bracket set (the best angle was from the middle of the street).  However, that did not stop me from creating a suedo-HDR look from the single shot.  I recommend that you view this image as large as possible.  Every time I look at all the little details I find something new.

Although published back in June 2011, I still think this is the best and most comprehensive guide to HDR post-processing around and the reference I return to more often than anything else, including much more modern books and web publications.


  1. This place looks great, love all the detail!

  2. Awesome shot, love the detail in the sign

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