Ornamental Cross Shaped Tie Rod

Ornamental Cross Shaped Tie Rod, 114 1st Avenue South, Seattle, Washington

Ornamental Cross Shaped Tie Rod, Seattle, Washington

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Ornamental Cross Shaped Tie Rod

Architectural details can make some wonderful photographic subjects and with the square crop being the subject du jour in blogs and e-books, I thought it time to add an example of my work to the growing collection online.

This image is of one of the plates at the end of a tie rod which I spotted in the Pioneer Square area of Seattle.  I have seen tie rod plates in the shape of circles, stars and in S-shapes but never an ornamental cross shape as this one.  This one was spotted on the side of 114 1st Avenue South and to my knowledge this building has no religious connection but maybe someone who knows Seattle better than I do can provide more insight.

This is a single shot tonemapped in Photomatix with a further enhancement of the details in Nik Color Efex Pro.  I blended this with the original image to lessen the effects on windows and the turquoise painted area of the walls to further highlight the brickwork and the tie rod.



  1. Nice detail, Mark. Great point on these architectural elements, they are often overlook for the larger picture of the building. I don’t grab as many of these type of shots as I should. Nice reminder, bud. 🙂

  2. Nicely captured Mark with terrific detail. Like the square crop.

  3. Well done Mark. I love the detail and it works really well with the square crop.

  4. Awesome find Mark. Really nice work.

  5. Full of texture and detail. Nice square crop too.

  6. wow that is awesome, well done Mark!

  7. Really nice colors and details here Mark. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

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