Basin Bath House, Eureka Springs

The Basin Bath House, Spring Street, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The Basin Bath House, Spring Street, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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Basin Bath House, Eureka Springs

My day trip to Eureka Springs a couple of years back produced some interesting images. Due to the harsh light they sat in my lightroom catalog without ever being worked on – until now (some friends took us so I had no control over the time of day to capture my images) .  After the success of Mitchell’s Folly  using Perfect Effects and the new Perfect Brush from OnOne Software I decided to try another flat lifeless image from that trip with some intricate details to mask to see if I could create something with more interest in it.

Just like Mitchell’s Folly, this image of the Basin Bath House in Eureka Springs has a number of presets and effects applied to it masking out/in different areas of the image. As the process followed is the same as in Mitchell’s Folly, I will not repeat it here but if you would like to understand how this works please click on the link above.

Basically, this image has been treated to the “Carnival Dreams” preset from the bonus pack which OnOne were offering if you purchased the latest version of their software by November 15.  This bonus pack is now available to purchase from the OnOne Marketplace  rather than being given away – still well worth looking at though.

The doorway, all windows and the flower ring were then treated with the “Get the Gauze” preset.  This masking of the flower ring would not have been possible without the new Perfect Brush – not strictly true but I think I would have given up long before I finished if I had to do this without the aid of the Perfect Brush!

The walkway was darkened with the “Grunge” preset and then all of the stone capstones and window ledges received the darkening effect of the “Arkham” preset.

The Basin Bath House, Spring Street, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The Basin Bath House, Spring Street, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

This is the original lifeless, flat image.  Through the magic of the new version of Perfect Effects with the Perfect Brush I believe it is now worth displaying.  For anyone interested in trying Perfect Effects they have a free trial download.  If you like the product and would like to purchase it please use the code MSIMAGES for a 15% discount.


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Basin Bath House, Eureka Springs
Basin Bath House in Eureka Springs brought to life using HDR processing and OnOne Perfect Effects Software
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Mark Summerfield
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  1. Nice post processing, Mark. I was down there a couple of decades ago. Nice place to visit.

  2. love it Mark, nice work!

  3. Great transformation Mark.

    I recently won a copy of onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 6 which I am checking out. I believe I can upgrade to 7 for about $149?

    Is the jump worthwhile?

    • Tim,

      I would say the upgrade is worth it for the Perfect Brush feature alone. Add to this the upgrade to the Perfect B&W as well as the new presets in Perfect Effects and $149 becomes a real bargain. BUT, don’t forget to use my discount coupon MSIMAGES and you get an additional 15% off the upgrade price.

  4. What a cool place. I love how you’ve brought this image to life Mark.

  5. Very nice result, Mark. Your processing certainly remedied any harsh lighting. Good stuff!


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